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Your home is a system, and each component has an effect on the rest of the structure. If your crawl space begins to deteriorate, grow mold, or structural problems start to develop, it will affect the entire structure of your home.

Crawl space encapsulation, often known as sealing, is a recommended building method that transforms a damp, unclean, mold-infested crawl space into a clean, dry environment where mold cannot live.

Sault Waterproofing are experts when it comes to crawl space encapsulation. Our team of specialists use specialized crawl space repair materials to turn any "bad" crawl space into a clean, dry foundation that is an advantage rather than a pain.

Our certified waterproofing technicians also provide free crawl space repair or sealing quotes. We offer our professional services to Sault Ste. Marie and the surrounding areas. Your free crawl space repair estimate includes an on-site inspection, professional consultation, and a written estimate from one of our qualified technicians.

If you see signs of mold or water leakage in your crawl space, don't wait to get it repaired. The longer you put off the repairs, the more extensive and expensive they will become. Our team has all the correct tools and equipment to properly seal your crawl space area. Our goal is to help you have a clean, dry basement.

crawl space repair
crawl space repair

Sault Waterproofing

Crawl Space Repair Near Me

If you are having troubles with your crawl space, you've come to the right place. At Sault Waterproofing, we provide crawl space insulation, encapsulation, sealing, and vapour barrier installation, plus some more services. Whatever your issue is, we have the products and expertise needed to solve it.

Crawl space repair is beneficial for many reasons. It will help you in avoiding unnecessary repairs, create a healthier living space, and help you save money on your utility bills. Plus, after enclosing your crawl space with a vapour barrier, you've gained useful storage space in your home.

When you need your crawl space repaired, don't hesitate. The longer you put off the repairs, the more extensive and expensive it will become. Sault Waterproofing has the experience and products to get your crawl space repaired quickly, efficiently, and affordably. We'll work along side you to find the best solution for your problem, and we'll provide a quote for our services. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.

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Signs of Problems

Many homes built with a crawl space foundation tend to have moisture issues. Problems in your crawl space can lead to problems in your upstairs living areas. That's why it's important to repair your crawl space if needed. Below are signs that you need crawl space repair.

Signs in the Downstairs
  • Mold or mildew damage
  • Condensation or "sweating" on air conditioning ductwork
  • Water condensation on pipes
  • Soggy/wet insulation
  • Hanging or fallen insulation
  • Insect/pest infestations
  • Rotting wooden framing
  • Water puddles on the dirt or concrete floor
Signs in the Upstairs
  • Musty odours
  • Buckles in your hardwood floors
  • High humidity levels
  • Condensation and mold around floor registers
  • Cold floors
  • Large heating and cooling costs
crawl space examination
crawl space examination

Sault Waterproofing

Are you in need of crawl space repair?

Are any of the following statements true about your home or crawl space? If this is the case, you should get your crawl space looked at by a specialist.

Crawl space with exposed ductwork and a dirt floor
Despite the moisture and mildew problems they cause, vented, dirt-floored crawl rooms are still allowed by building codes in many areas.

Symptoms of allergies and asthma
Air-born mold spores and dust mites caused from moist crawl spaces and basements are two of the most common indoor air pollutants and allergens.

Crawl space fibreglass insulation
When it comes to crawl space insulation, fibreglass is not the right substance to use. It absorbs moisture, loses R-value, allows for mold to grow, promotes wood decay, and can shift around.

Contact Sault Waterproofing to receive a crawl space examination and repair cost estimate from a crawl space repair specialist in your area.


Is it worth sealing my crawl space?Sealing your crawl space has many benefits with the main one being it helps to avoid structural damage. Moisture in your crawl area will eventually cause major damage to a building's structure. The vapour in your crawl space can destroy the timber framing and flooring in a home. Moisture is kept at bay by encapsulating the crawl space. Furthermore, encapsulation helps in the prevention of harmful pests such as termites.

How long does crawl space encapsulation last?Crawl space encapsulation typically lasts about 10-15 years. Recently moisture barrier manufacturers now provide materials that are designed to perform well for 20 years or more.

What are the cons of encapsulating a crawl space?Upfront Investment. The average homeowner should expect to invest $5,500 to install this system, according to Home Advisor.
Foundation Wall Insulation Cost. If you get an encapsulation estimate, your contractor may recommend installing foundation wall insulation to help you benefit more, but this can be costly.
Additional Maintenance. Following the installation of your crawl space encapsulation system, you will require ongoing maintenance and inspections throughout the year.
Might Need To Upgrade Your HVAC System.

What is the cost of crawl space encapsulation?In crawl spaces, high levels of moisture and humidity can harm structural elements and increase the danger of mold growth. The cost of crawl space encapsulation ranges from $1,500 to $15,000, with a national average of $5,500.

Are crawl space vents necessary?Building rules normally require crawl space vents to be operational in the summer to allow outside air to circulate beneath the floor and avoid moisture buildup, which, along with mildew and mold, promotes wood decay.

Are crawl space dehumidifiers loud?The Trane XV20i central air conditioner is rated at 55 decibels, and the best dehumidifiers for crawl spaces are generally at that level or quieter. Again, placement is critical as you wouldn't want a noisy unit under your bedroom floor.

Are crawl space dehumidifiers worth it?Using a dehumidifier in your crawl area reduces moisture in the air and improves air quality. Improving indoor air quality through moisture control helps alleviate and possibly avoid various allergy symptoms such as eye discomfort, headaches, and respiratory difficulties.

Are crawl space vapor barriers necessary?Yes. A vapour barrier is required in your crawl space. Furthermore, a moisture barrier is the bare minimum of protection you should have in your crawl area. A vapour barrier can help you prevent costly repairs.

Are crawl spaces damp?Crawl space dampness has been a problem in Ontario homes since they were first built. Moisture will condensate on the surfaces of your crawl space as the space grows increasingly humid, causing major difficulties in your home.

Can crawl space be turned into a basement?The ground must be excavated in order to convert your crawlspace into a basement. However, appropriate planning is important before beginning the work required to excavate the basement. It is, in fact, a highly difficult procedure that must be carefully supported both during and after the work.

Can crawl space be used for storage?It is not suggested to store stuff in a vented crawl space owing to the high danger of damage to belongings from humidity, mold, and bugs, but a closed crawl space is excellent for storage because it keeps moisture and pests out. Crawl space adaptations that are more extensive can even make the space livable.

Can crawl space be insulated?There are two techniques to insulate a crawl space. The crawlspace walls can be insulated on the inside or outside of the house to provide a conditioned space, or the crawlspace floor can be insulated to create an unconditioned room.

When should crawl space vents be open?In the summer, these vents allow outside air to circulate beneath the floor, preventing moisture buildup that promotes mildew and decay. In the winter, when the air is dryer, the vents are blocked to prevent the possibility of the crawl space pipes freezing.

Where to install a crawl space dehumidifier?A dehumidifier must be built on a level foundation, preferably raised at least 4 to 6 inches above the crawl space ground level, so that condensate may drain correctly into a condensate pump or a gravity drain conveying the condensate out of the crawlspace.

Will crawl space pipes freeze?The reason why water pipes in crawl spaces are so prone to freezing is that these spaces allow cold air to circulate around the pipes.

Will insulating my crawl space help?You should treat a crawl space as if it were a short basement, so insulating the crawl space walls is advised for the following reasons: Heating ducts and water pipes in the crawlspace won't need to be insulated and won't freeze. Any heat loss through the ducts will not go to waste.

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