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Basement Leak Repair Sault Ste. Marie

Even if your basement is used as a storage area, it still needs to be maintained properly. This means making sure it's dry and secure. A minor leak in a basement can lead to an expensive fix later on. A puddle of water isn't the only sign for a leaky basement. Leaks can erode your foundation other time without being noticeable. Thats why it's critical to detect and repair any minor leaks before they become major issues. You should be monitoring your basement regularly for any moisture or mildew. Signs of leaky basement are indicated by:

  • Dark water stains on basement floors or walls.
  • The musty odour that comes from your basement or crawl space.
  • Mold or mildew growth on surfaces. Mold thrives in damp, dark places and growth can be a sign of a water leak.
  • Mold seen growing on basement walls. This implies that there could be a serious leak, and the mold should be eliminated as soon as possible.
  • Basement walls are covered with white, salt deposits, which is due to water evaporating inside the walls.
  • Cracks in the foundation and concrete damage to the floor or walls.

When you come across a basement leak, you should get it fixed right away. Address the problem as soon as you can to avoid large repair costs in the future. Contact Sault Waterproofing today if you have a leaking basement. Our waterproofing contractors are highly trained and experienced in basement leak repair. We've helped numerous homeowners repair their basements and seal them against future leaks by providing expert services.

Basement Leak Repair Near Me

Basement leaks can turn into major problems. Sault Waterproofing wants the best for your basement, and that means it's dry and secure. We provide professional basement leak repair services that are proven to keep basements dry for many years. Bellow are pictures of what a water leak has done to a basement. Contact us today before water gets into your basement.

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Basement Leaks

There are two main sorts of basement leaks. The first is water seeping up from beneath the basement floor, and the second is water leaking into the home through the foundation walls. Despite the fact that they both generate the same problem for the homeowner, each requires a different waterproofing technique to fix it.

Water coming in through the floor
If water is coming in through cracks in the floor, edges of the flooring, or the middle of the floor, this indicates that the weeping tile drainage system surrounding the foundation isn't functioning properly. It could also mean that your sump pump isn't working or has failed. By excavation the ground and replacing the weeping tiles, you can fix the drainage problem from the exterior. From inside, installing a sub-floor drainage system or a french drain will help divert water away from your basement floors.

Water coming in through the walls
If your basement is leaking from water seeping through the concrete foundation walls, it can also be repaired from both the exterior and interior. Water seeping through the walls is typically an indication of a foundation wall crack. Foundation crack injections are a powerful way to mend these cracks from the inside. You can, however, repair this problem from the outside using waterproofing materials. By excavating the area around the foundation, you have access to install a waterproofing membrane to keep water out. The quality of your home's foundation, its age, and how many leaks there are will all affect which waterproofing method is best.


Can you fix a leaky basement from the inside?Most basement leak repairs, whether performed on brick, cement block, or concrete foundations, can be done from the inside or outside of the house. If your foundation is poured concrete, both interior and external waterproofing repairs can help prevent a wet basement.

What is the best way to fix a leaky basement?Installing drainage tubing beneath the basement floor and connecting it to a sump pump is the best long-term solution for recurring basement leaks. You can construct a system like this yourself, but it takes a lot of backbreaking labour to break out the concrete floor, bury the tubing, and fix the floor.

How do you fix water seeping through walls?Plug Gaps. If you notice water dripping into the basement from cracks or gaps around plumbing lines, you can plug the openings yourself for less than $20 using hydraulic cement or polyurethane glue. Plugs are effective when the problem is merely a hole through which water oozes, either from surface runoff or from wet soil.

Why is my basement leaking when it rains?The earth can get saturated during periods of heavy or persistent rain, causing hydrostatic pressure (or water pressure) that can drive moisture and water through your basement walls and floor. The looser the earth surrounding your foundation, the more water it absorbs.

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