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We provide dampproofing and waterproofing solutions for wet, leaky or damp basements and foundations.

Foundation Waterproofing Sault Ste. Marie

Every homeowner hates when their basement floods. Water can damage almost every material and the costs of repair can be significant. This problem can easily be avoided if professional basement waterproofing is used. Whether your basement just flooded or you want to be prepared for the future, Sault Ste. Marie Waterproofing is the right place for you. We can help you prevent basement leaks by sealing your basement with waterproofing solutions that are proven to work.

  • External waterproofing
  • Internal waterproofing
  • Sump pump installation and repair
  • Window well installation
  • Mold and mildew control
  • Foundation crack repair
  • Waterproofing new construction/new builds
  • Crawl space services
  • Basement leak repair

With every one of our services, our objective is to leave your property looking the way it was prior to our visit. You no longer need to stress over your finished basement being destroyed by water leakages. You can kick back in your new space with ease knowing it's sealed tight. We can make sure your downstairs space remains dry throughout every season. Looking for the best waterproofing contractors in Sault Ste. Marie? Contact us today!

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Sault Waterproofing works hard to keep their rates affordable. We do out best to meet all your waterproofing needs.

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All our waterproofing contractors are certified and insured. They are trained to provide you with great, long lasting waterproofing services.

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Only available in evenings or weekends? Not a problem. Contact us today and we can find a time that works.

Quality Materials

The waterproofing products and materials we use are top quality. They will ensure your basement stays dry for a life time.



Waterproofing Services

We provide a wide range of professional services to meet your needs.

We promise to provide every service with a smile, and to your highest level of satisfaction.

foundation crack repair in sault ste marie ontario

Foundation Crack Repair

Foundation crack repair is very important to ensure your home is structurally sound. It's important to fix small cracks before they grow larger. Large foundation cracks are tough and expensive to fix.

interior waterproofing in sault ste marie ontario

Interior Waterproofing

Internal waterproofing is completed from inside your home. Interior waterproofing is a cost efficient way to waterproof your basement without doing the external method. Contact us today to get your basement waterproofed.

mold and mildew removal services in sault ste marie ontario

Mold Control

Mold can be very damgerous thing. It can be harmful for humans and for the structures of buildings. Basements are a common place for mold to appear since they are dark and moist. If you have mold or mildew in your basement, you should get it removed right away.

sump pump installation in sault ste marie ontario

Sump Pump Installation

Sump pumps are an important part of waterproofing a basement. They help to direct water away from your home which keeps your basement dry. Pur company is professionals when it comes to sump pumps. We can install a new one or repair your existing one.

french drain repair in sault ste marie ontario

French Drain Repair

Installing a French drain on your property can direct excess water in your yard away from your home. Sault Waterproofing can preform French drain repair or installation.

crawl space waterproofing in sault ste marie ontario

Crawl Space Waterproofing

Waterproofing your crawl space will help keep your home strong and dry. Our waterproofing contractors can waterproof your crawl space and keep it secure.

crawl space repair services

Crawl Space Repair

Repairing your leaking or damaged crawl spaces in important. Our waterproofing contractors that help you with crawl space repair and making them secure.

foundation repair services

Foundation Repair

Repairing your foundation is important for the structural integrity of your home or business. If you notice signs that you need foundation repair services, don't hesitate to call our professional waterproofing contractors.

Window Well Installation and Repair

Window wells are a great addition to any home. They add in lots of natural light into basements and act as an emergency exit. There are multiple different materials used to make window wells. Our team knows the best materials to use.

Basement Leak Repair

Basement leaks can escalate into large issues if not looked after right away. Our waterproofing contractors can determine a plan of action to fix the leaks in your basement.

Exterior Waterproofing

External waterproofing is done from the outside of your home. It's an extremely efficient way to waterproof your basement. The process is completed by the dirt around the foundation to be excavated up in order to provide access. 


If you are experiencing lots of moisture or mold in your basement, then you should consider getting a dehumidifier installed. Dehumidifiers are great for leveling out humidity levels in a room which will help prevent mold from growing.

Weeping Tile Installation and Repair

Weeping tiles significantly help with water drainage in your home. You can instal them inside or outside of your basement. Our waterproofing contractors provide weeping tile installation and repair for the residents of Sault Ste. Marie.

Basement Waterproofing Specialists

We specialize in all things waterproofing. For help with a leaky basement, contact Sault Waterproofing today.

Basement Leak Repair

There are two main solutions used for basement waterproofing: exterior and interior waterproofing.

Exterior Waterproofing Services

External waterproofing is the process of waterproofing a foundation from the outside. There are many different procedures to stop water from reaching the inside of your home. This is how the most common procedure is done: To access the foundation, the ground is excavated to the bottom of the weeping tiles. The weeping tiles are removed and replaced and the foundation is cleaned thoroughly. The walls and bottom of the foundation footings are covered with a waterproof seal and poly sheeting to prevent any leakage. They are then further sealed with a dimple board and finished off with a finishing strip. Gravel is laid over the weeping tiles to prevent dirt from potentially clogging to tiles again. The gravel is sealed with a filter cloth and then the dirt is backfilled and graded away from the foundation.

Interior Waterproofing Services

Internal waterproofing is the more cost efficient way to fix water leaking problems. The foundation footings are accessed from the inside. To do this, the concrete needs to be broken and a trench is built to get access to the walls. Sometimes to gain access during this procedure, drywall, flooring, studs and insulation may have to be torn up. The weeping tiles are removed and replaced if needed and then laid graded towards existing drainage or a sump pump. Finally the tiles are covered with a filter cloth and gravel is poured on top with another filter cloth to stop dirt from seeping through. A dimple board is added to the walls of the foundation and new concrete is poured back in.

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Sault Wateproofing Contractors

We specialize in all things waterproofing. For help with a leaky basement, contact Sault Waterproofing today.

French Drain Systems

Window Well Installation and Repair

Sump Pump Installation

French Drain Installation

A French drain is a kind of water drainage system that is typically found in residential areas. They can even be tailored to match the aesthetic of your home which makes them less noticeable. French drains can be installed inside or outside of your property and there are many types to choose from. Exterior french drains are installed along the perimeter of your foundation. A trench is dug and a pipe is installed to drain water to the sump pump or away from your house. Interior french drains are constructed around the perimeter of the basement floor using perforated tubing. The tube directs water that enters the basement to the sump pit. Maintenance, installation, and repair are critical for all types of french drains. Our waterproofing contractors construct french drains for Sault Ste. Marie residents. We also offer french drain repair, which will keep your drains operational for many years.

Window Well Replacement

Window wells are an excellent basement addition. They perform three key functions: allowing natural light into the basement, acting as an emergency exit, and preventing moisture damage to basement windows. Our Sault waterproofing professionals have extensive experience in window well installation and repair. To keep water from accumulating at the bottom of the well, we lay gravel to allow it to drain. In order to avoid water accumulation, our crew can also install window well drainage systems. Window wells, in general, keep soil away from foundation wall openings while enabling correct grading and drainage away from the house. They are an excellent investment for any household. 

Sump Pump Repair Services

Sump pumps are an excellent waterproofing solution for both residential and commercial buildings. They keep basements and crawl spaces from flooding and water pooling. Sump pumps can be used in combination with other waterproofing methods to provide additional protection for your foundation. Because of the natural slope of the ground, the best spot to put them is at the lowest point in your basement. Installing a sump pump is only half the battle; you must also ensure that it operates correctly throughout the year. If your sump pump malfunctions, it could cause flooding in your basement. Our team at Sault Waterproofing has extensive knowledge and talent in installing and repairing sump pumps.

french drain installation services in sault ontario
window well replacement services sault
sump pump maintenance

Mold and Mildew Removal

Weeping Tile Installation and Repair

Crawl Space Repair

Mold Removal Services

Mold and mildew issues in your basement or crawl space will affect the comfort and health of your living space above. Mold spores and dust mites can trigger asthma attacks, allergies, and other respiratory problems. Mold is extremely damaging to the structural integrity of your home, in addition to causing health problems. Luckily, there are many ways to keep mold from forming in your basement. Stopping mold growth can be accomplished by lowering humidity levels, looking for water leaks, and treating mold when it is discovered. Our waterproofing contractors understand how to prevent and control mold and mildew. Our waterproofing contractors understand how to prevent and control mold and mildew. Call our contractors straight away if you have mildew in your basement.

Weeping Tile Replacement

Water can be diverted away from your home using weeping tiles, also known as corrugated piping systems. It isn't necessarily waterproofing, but it does ensure that water is quickly channelled and pushed away from your home, preventing moisture damage. Weeping tiles can be installed both inside and outside of your property. Installing interior weeping tiles is a low-cost way to keep your basement warm and dry. It works by rerouting water that has entered your basement through leaks or cracks. Exterior weeping tile installation is a more durable solution than inside installation. It prevents water from entering your basement and directs it away from your property. When combined with exterior waterproofing, weeping tile installation on the outside of the structure provides the greatest long-term solution for protecting your home.

Crawl Space Maintenance

Crawl spaces are frequently out of sight and out of mind for homeowners, yet what happens in them can have a huge influence on your property. Mold, pests, and odours can breed in them, and they can also cause home energy problems and sagging floors. If you see any of these problems, you should immediately contact a specialist. Crawl space repair is one of the services offered by Sault Waterproofing. After dealing with many crawl spaces across Sault Ste. Marie, you can be confident in our crawl space repair services. 

dehumidifer for moldly basements
weeping tile installation and replacement services
crawl space repair

Crawl Space Waterproofing

Foundation Crack Repair Services

Basement Leak Maintenance

Waterproofing the Crawl Space

Crawl space waterproofing, also known as encapsulation, is the installation of a heavy-duty polyethylene barrier that covers the flooring, foundation walls, and, in some cases, the ceiling of the crawl space. The barrier works best when it completely covers the crawl space of your home. To connect the barrier's parts across the room, sealing tape is used, and once sealed, a dehumidifier can be fitted to help regulate the moisture level. Encapsulation has numerous advantages for homeowners, including enhanced property value, improved indoor air quality, mold prevention, and stops insect infestations. Our staff has the necessary experience, abilities, and equipment to correctly seal your crawl space.

Basemennt Foundation Repair

Proper foundation care is critical for keeping the structural integrity of your home. Over the years, our structural repair team has developed the experience, abilities, and equipment required to complete a wide range of structural repair jobs. Uneven flooring, cracks in bricks and foundations, water leaks, and difficult-to-open windows are all indications that your foundation needs to be repaired. Please contact us if you detect any of these indications. We will evaluate your foundation thoroughly and address any faults that we find. Our goal is to repair and improve your foundation to ensure the safety of your home. We also have access to qualified masons who can undertake any brick and masonry repairs that are required.

Sealing Foundation Cracks

One of the best methods to secure your home is to ensure that its foundation is in good condition. You should have your foundation evaluated if you find foundation holes or cracks in mortar joints, voids behind hollow block foundations, or other common types of foundation concerns. Some cracks, such as small foundation fractures, can be ignored. However, you should keep a eye on them in case they begin to expand. If you discover a crack in your foundation, you should have it inspected by a professional. They can inform you whether it needs to be repaired. Repairing minor cracks early on can save you from an expensive repair later on. Sault Waterproofing offers a variety of foundation repair solutions to help you protect your basement. 

Repairing Basement Water Leaks

A minor basement leak might lead to a huge, costly repair later on. It is critical to inspect your basement for water leaks on a regular basis in order to detect them early. Dark water stains on floors and walls, musty odours, mold development, salt deposits, and foundation cracks are all common indicators of basement water leaks. Basement leaks should be treated as soon as they are discovered. Fortunately for you, our waterproofing contractors are basement leak repair experts. For many years, we have provided working basement leak repair solutions to Sault Ste. Marie and the surrounding areas. 

crawl space encapulation
basement foundation crack repair services
repairing basement water leaks

Why Hire Sault Ste. Marie Waterproofing

Sault Waterproofing specializes in all things basement and foundation. Our basement contractors offer free estimates, high-quality work, and excellent customer service.

Sault Waterproofing

Benefits of Having a Waterproof Basement
Increase the living space in your home

Having a dry, renovated basement will give you more living space. A basement can be utilized for many reasons; extra storage, games room, bedrooms and more.

Strong foundation support

Waterproofing your basement will strengthen your foundation. It prevents water from eating away at your home's structure. It also stops mold from growing which can cause structural damage. 

Get remodelling projects started

If you've been putting off renovating your basement, start the project with waterproofing it first. By waterproofing your downstairs, you will protect your new remodel from water damage.

Improve your health and your families

A wet basement is a health concern because it allows mold to grow and affects the air quality. Waterproofing with stop water from entering and resolve these problems. 

Have peace of mind

There's no need to worry when you know your basement is safe and dry because of waterproofing solutions. In seasons of heavy rain, you can sit back and relax.

Prevents water problems

Without basement waterproofing, your basement can easily allow water to enter and cause flooding. Safe yourself from expensive repair costs and constantly cleaning up your cellar. 

Increases property value

Having a waterproof basement will increase the value of your home significantly. Potential home buyers will show great interest in your home if you have a dry, secure basement. 

Is basement waterproofing worth it?Waterproofing your basement is worthwhile because you won't have to worry about mold growth or basement water leaks. If this has been a problem in your house, you may notice an improvement in your breathing once the service is completed. Mold and mildew can cause a variety of health problems if left untreated.

Is basement waterproofing necessary?It is best to waterproof the outer walls of a basement during building construction. Many state and municipal building code regulations demand this practice in newer construction, but many older properties may not have any external waterproofing in place.

Is exterior waterproofing effective?When it comes to waterproof-resistant solutions, interior waterproofing is both effective and cost efficient. However, it only works in certain conditions. It removes water that has already accumulated in your basement, but won't stop water from coming in. The purpose of interior waterproofing is to make sure that water leaks in the basement are re-routed out and away from the house.

How do you waterproof a concrete exterior wall?To waterproof an exterior concrete wall, the best waterproofing method is to use a silicate-based concrete sealer. This sealer reacts with the ingredients in the masonry and concrete to form a water-resistant coating. This sealant works best when applied to unsealed/unpainted walls. Paint can then be applied over the concrete sealer once it has dried.

Do window wells need drains?A drain should be installed in each window well to allow water to leave the well and prevent it from pooling. If there is no drainage for the well, water can accumulate and cause a basement leak. Separate drains don't necessary need to be built for each window well. Instead you can connect it to the interior or exterior drain tile.

When should I be worried about foundation cracks?Foundation cracks can be difficult to decipher. Some small cracks won't grow any larger over time and can be left alone. Other cracks will grow into bigger problems and will require a costly fix. However, there are three cases when you should start to worry; when the crack is wider than 1/10 inch, the crack is wider at one end, or the crack is continuing to get better overtime.

Does insurance cover a leaky foundation?Most policies will not cover a foundation crack because it is deemed a maintenance problem. To avoid having to pay a high repair fee, inspect basement walls for cracks on a regular basis and double-check the caulking around windows and doors once a year.

Is basement waterproofing expensive?Basement waterproofing costs normally vary between $1,000 and $25,000, but might exceed $50,000 depending on the size of the building. External waterproofing is a large job that should only be done by experts.

Does basement waterproofing increase home value?Because basements are one of the most typical locations for water leaks, having your basement waterproofed is a terrific selling feature. It's also an excellent way to raise the value of your home!

Does basement waterproofing work?Basement waterproofing is proven to work. Waterproofing a basement from the inside is usually the best option for most homes, owing to the fact that it is less expensive and less disruptive than external excavation.

Can I waterproof my own basement?If you attempt to waterproof your own property from the outside, keep in mind that you will most likely be digging a 7 – 8 foot deep trench. This is extremely risky, and if proper bracing is not used, the hole may cave in and inflict serious injury.

How long does basement waterproofing last?The duration of waterproofing is determined by several factors, including the amount of waterproofing substance used, the climate, and the severity of the initial damage. There is no defined timeframe for all of the constituents, but most professionals will warranty it for about ten years.

Which basement waterproofing system is best?When done correctly, exterior drainage is widely regarded as the most effective method of waterproofing a basement.

What is the best basement waterproofing sealer?The best concrete sealers to use when sealing basement flooring and foundation walls are the Lithi-Tek 4500 primer followed by the Siloxa-Tek 8510 waterproofing sealer. It’s also a good idea to use a moisture vapour barrier coating like the Vapor-Tek 440 when building basement flooring.

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